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Overview of all the Hobbies and Interests/Lego expenses

Niall Blackborough: Hobbies and Interests/Lego expenses


What did we call him?

Niall Blackborough


When did he emerge?

22nd April 2019 17:46

Sex & Birth weight

What were his vital statistics?

Male & 3.458kg (7lb 10oz)

Total expenses

How much to raise Niall?


Number of expenses

How many purchases have we made?

1064 (View all)

Top Essential expense

The grandest expense?

£409.00 (Car seat)

Top Non-Essential expense

The grandest expense?

£557.00 (Center parcs)

Top Hobby and Interests expense

The grandest expense?

£147.00 (Shotgun MTB seat and handles)

Total expenses by category

We group expenses into three core categories, these are the totals for each category, select a category for more detail.



The costs that we see as absolutely necessary in raising a child and in essence, keeping them healthy and well, alive.




The optional costs of raising a child and those which spark lively debate between Mummy and Daddy.



Hobbies and Interests

All the fun extras.


Total expenses by subcategory

These are the totals for all the subcategories in the Hobbies and Interests category, select a subcategory for more detail.



Arty, farty messy stuff.




All things with two wheels and related costs.




Daddy’s and the boys’ shared hobby.



Theatre & Film

The Flicks and The Arts.


The 25 most recent Hobbies and Interests/Lego expenses for Niall - (View all Hobbies and Interests/Lego expenses)

The table below lists the last 25 expenses we have logged for Niall in the Hobbies and Interests category, to see more select any summary count, category or subcategory.

25 most recent Hobbies and Interests/Lego expenses for Niall
Expense Date Categories Total Allocation Amount
Lego box, many many pieces 2 Apr 202302/04/2023 Hobbies and Interests / Lego £34.99 50% £17.50