We recently released Budget and Budget Pro, our budgeting Apps.

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So, what is Costs to Expect.com?


How much does it cost to raise a child in the UK.

Costs to Expect is a long-term social experiment; my wife and I are tracking the expenses to raise our children to adulthood, 18.


There are two core reasons. Firstly, I love data, the more then merrier. Secondly, for as long I remember, it appears to have become accepted knowledge that it costs approximately £250,000 to raise a child in the UK.

If you think about that number, it becomes apparent very quickly that it just can't be correct for the majority of the UK, on average, over £10k a year?

The website is part of the Costs to Expect service, our service focuses on tracking and forecasting expenses.


There are three parts to Costs to Expect, the Open Source API, the backbone, the app which contains our secret sauce and the website. The website gives a small example of the service; we are tracking the costs to raise our children to adulthood.

Short term goals

In early 2020, the app will open to the public; initially, it will provide budgeting features enabling you to manage your annual budgeting needs easily.

Later in 2020, the service will expand in two core ways. The budgeting and forecasting features will be expanded to support much more complex account setups, for example, businesses. Secondly, we will enable customisation. With our personalisation, you will be able to set up the service to track any 'item'. You will be able to build your data structure rather than being limited to our primary data types?

Costs to Expect Team

August 2019