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All expenses for Niall Blackborough

Niall Blackborough: All expenses


What did we call him?

Niall Blackborough


When did he emerge?

22nd April 2019 17:46

Sex & Birth weight

What were his vital statistics?

Male & 3.458kg (7lb 10oz)

Total expenses

How much to raise Niall?


Number of expenses

How many purchases have we made?

1064 (View all)

Top Essential expense

The grandest expense?

£409.00 (Car seat)

Top Non-Essential expense

The grandest expense?

£557.00 (Center parcs)

Top Hobby and Interests expense

The grandest expense?

£147.00 (Shotgun MTB seat and handles)

All expenses for Niall

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All expenses for Niall
Expense Date Categories Total Allocation Amount
Shotgun MTB seat and handles 2 Aug 202102/08/2021 Hobbies and Interests / Cycling £147.00 100% £147.00
Bike helmet 9 Jun 202109/06/2021 Hobbies and Interests / Cycling £23.99 100% £23.99
Balance bicycle 8 Jun 202108/06/2021 Hobbies and Interests / Cycling £49.00 100% £49.00