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All expenses for Jack Blackborough

Jack Blackborough: All expenses


What did we call him?

Jack Blackborough


When did he emerge?

28th June 2013 05:41

Sex & Birth weight

What were his vital statistics?

Male & 3.373kg (7lb 7oz)

Total expenses

How much to raise Jack?


Number of expenses

How many purchases have we made?

1801 (View all)

Top Essential expense

The grandest expense?

£687.98 (Surface Go)

Top Non-Essential expense

The grandest expense?

£1,195.00 (Nursery Fees)

Top Hobby and Interests expense

The grandest expense?

£119.00 (Squire Mini Dakota Red)

All expenses for Jack

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All expenses for Jack
Expense Date Categories Total Allocation Amount
Shoes, Trousers, Window Blind 31 Aug 201431/08/2014 Essential / Clothes & Food etc. £58.00 100% £58.00